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Welcome to the Gay Unicorn Insurgency servers.
We currently have a Skirmish and a Checkpoint server up. Both in hardcore mode.

Here you can report or appeal a ban. Or use the Sourcebans page.
If you looking for the stats you can find it here, or use the link on the right side.

In the future we hope to get one Insurgency Sandstorm hardcore server up.

The plugin for the bot respawn is still somehow fucked and I’m trying to get the stats to work. Had to update to PHP7 and the stats are made for PHP5. But I hope I will get some help doing it.

The rules are simple:

  • No fratricide
    Commonly called ‘TKing’ or ‘Team Killing’, the purposeful or accidental killing of a team mate is not allowed on this server. If you accidentally Team Killed or hurt a team member apologise immediately.
  • No foul language, racism, or insults of any type will be tolerated.
    No swearing. No racism. No insulting other players. This includes abbreviations.
    No elitist attitude towards others. Treat others as you would your best friend.
  • English tactical communication only
    No mic spamming. No trolling. Use English in chat and mic.
    These rules are designed to promote a tactical experience and eliminate unnecessary communication and keep focus on the game play.
  • Play the objectives
    Work with the members of your squad toward the objectives based on the current game mode.
    Avoid merely running through the maps wildly firing at the opposing team.
    This rule is designed to encourage players to work together in tactical movements.


  1. Hey guys, i subscribe to some weapon skin on the workshop and since then i can’t find the Co-op server anymore…
    i deleted every sub but still cant find it. HELP PLEASE!
    i find the multiplayer srver though, but i wanna get the good old co-op one please.
    Thanks buddies, GO UNICORN!

  2. Same problem. Can’t find coop server anymore. 🙁

    • I made it custom for a little while to try out new maps. Now it’s up in the original form so I hope you find it now Skorab!
      Have fun! //schlampe

  3. Has the server gone down temporarily or permanently?

  4. Youp Versteeg

    Got votekicked by some idiotic Russians or whatever Slavic *** they were, times and times in a row, now banned?
    Get this fixed please.


  5. Youp Versteeg

    got votekicked by Telemat and other idiotic Ukrainians for no reason, now banned..
    Please get this fixed asap.


  6. Greetings, in the last 2 or 3 weeks i enjoyed very much playing on this server. Today just as i joined the server, i got banned from it after 5 seconds by a people called kreuzberg, byCrocker and Fesupda. I don’t know why. I’d be happy, if this ban could be removed.

    Kane Nod

  7. Hey, there’s currently 3 guys griefing/kicking me upon join for no reason. Not sure where else to report this.

    Names: iana2006, just.super, bankon5521.

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