• Server quotes: I think the lagspike just made me schrödinger's marine for a bit - Sylph

Arma 3

Server is down for now. If someday Arma 4 comes out I will gladly put a server up, but this is just too much of a broken mess.
Great news everyone! The server is now up.

Join the proud Gay Unicorns at Gay Unicorns Overthrown -Server
(We changed the gamemode to Overthrown)

Here is the list of both mandatory and optional addons that are on the server:
Mandatory addons;
Specialist Military Arms

Optional addons; (for a more fun and enhanced gameplay)
JSRS SOUNDMOD – Specialist Military Arms Mod Sound Support
Blastcore Edited
Enhanced Soundscape
WarFX only Blast

Hope to see you on the server.

Join us at the Arma 3 Units page if you want.

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