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  Participating Servers

Tracking 2,077 players with 1,776,702 kills and 131,124 headshots (7.38%) on 1 servers
Server Load Graph
 Server  Address  Map  Played  Players  Kills  Headshots  HS:K
insurgency Gay Unicorns Elite Co-Op Server gayunicorns.ddns.net (Join) ministry_coop 00:14:42 0/8 1,776,702 131,124 0.0738
Server Load Graph
 #  Player  Kills  Hs  HS:K  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
  Daily Awards (Saturday 21 May)

AKM RussiaMelomanny (20 Kills with AKM)
AKS-74U RussiaMelomanny (10 Kills with AKS-74U)
AN-M14 PolandFlying Dog Almighty (285 Kills with AN-M14)
AT4 RussiaMelomanny (24 Kills with AT4)
Best Latency RussiaBers (31 ms average connection)
C4 RussiaButcher of Bucha (39 Kills with C4)
Captured Objective PolandFlying Dog Almighty (12 Captured Objectives)
Deaths RussiaButcher of Bucha (88 deaths)
Destroyed Objective RussiaJames "Sonny" Crockett (7 Destroyed Objectives)
F1 Frag Russiasromaster (23 Kills with F1 Frag)
G36c RussiaButcher of Bucha (287 Kills with G36c)
Grillfleisch RussiaBers (4 Burned)
Grillmeister PolandFlying Dog Almighty (291 Enemies Burned)
Headshot PolandFlying Dog Almighty (102 Headshots)
Kills PolandFlying Dog Almighty (1310 kills)
Knife AustriaJimikus (11 Kills with Knife)
M14 EBR RussiaJudge(dont)Treadd (39 Kills with M14 EBR)
M16A4 AustriaJimikus (252 Kills with M16A4)
M203 HE GermanyMETEOP (13 Kills with M203 HE)
M249 PolandFlying Dog Almighty (809 Kills with M249)
M40A1 RussiaIzotop (15 Kills with M40A1)
M45A1 RussiaJudge(dont)Treadd (39 Kills with M45A1)
M4A1 RussiaBers (330 Kills with M4A1)
M590 PolandFlying Dog Almighty (81 Kills with M590)
M67 Frag RussiaButcher of Bucha (12 Kills with M67 Frag)
M9 AustriaJimikus (37 Kills with M9)
Makarov RussiaMelomanny (66 Kills with Makarov)
Model 10 RussiaButcher of Bucha (23 Kills with Model 10)
Molotov PolandFlying Dog Almighty (8 Kills with Molotov)
Mosin RussiaButcher of Bucha (8 Kills with Mosin)
MP7 RussiaBers (82 Kills with MP7)
RPG-7 Russiasromaster (19 Kills with RPG-7)
RPK RussiaMelomanny (37 Kills with RPK)
Sterling RussiaMelomanny (6 Kills with Sterling)
Suicide RussiaРакострел (3 times stupidly killed himself)
Suppressed RussiaButcher of Bucha (92 x Suppressed by Enemies)
Suppressing PolandFlying Dog Almighty (1107 Enemies Suppressed)
UMP-45 RussiaIzotop (17 Kills with UMP-45)

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